The Management of B.LUX, which is responsible for the company, has established that all staff members thereof must act pursuing the following strategic quality objectives:

Achieve total customer satisfaction by:



  • Creating and/or satisfying the needs in the lighting sector with satisfactory return for business continuity and improvement.
  • Strictly complying with the contracted requirements.
  • Updating the catalogue.
  • THE QUALITY and its improvement is responsibility of all the company’s staff, and in the first instance, of its MANAGEMENT.
  • THE QUALITY is a key factor for corporate survival.
  • THE QUALITY is not only a result of an inspection, but also of a correct and comprehensive planning, implementation and review of the system, on a regular basis.
  • THE QUALITY must comply with the legal and regulatory requirements established.
  • THE QUALITY includes an ONGOING IMPROVEMENT PLAN. Failures should be used for PREVENTION purposes and to address the root causes thereof.
  • THE QUALITY and its improvement would be difficult to obtain without upgrading human resources. Accordingly, the SENIOR MANAGEMENT shall give its utmost attention to training of the staff, at all levels.
  • Obtain the maximum motivation on THE QUALITY, of all its collaborators.

In order to achieve these objectives, the policy of B.LUX‘s Management is to lead and promote the implementation of the following actions:

  • Establish and maintain an effective and efficient quality system, which is planned and developed together with the remaining functions of the Management.
  • Ensure that the staff has become thoroughly familiar with the company’s objectives and policies through a capacity building and staff training programme at all company levels.

The quality system of B.LUX is based on ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

The Management undertakes to support all actions aimed at achieving the quality objectives established, and to provide the resources required for such purpose.


September 2016