Kanpazar Kanpazar

Jon Santacoloma

Technical details
Model selection
  • Kanpazar 80A
  • Kanpazar 80B
  • Kanpazar 80C
  • Kanpazar 150A
  • Kanpazar 150B
  • Kanpazar 150C
  • Kanpazar 150D

Indoor and outdoor lamps, in a smooth opal white finish, made from vandal Prof. UV resistant polyethylene. Available in two sizes: 150 cm and 80 cm, and different versions. Kanpazar A is fixed to the ground and hard wired, while Kanpazar B is portable and has a maximum wiring connection of 3.5 metres. Kanpazar C, which has a concrete base, is portable and has a maximum wiring connection of 3,5 metres. Kanpazar 150 is also available in an additional version D made from a stainless steel base that is secured to the ground with the connection provided.

Light Source

Fluo. 2 x 18/24/36W (2G11)
LED 4 x 6W 4152lm 350mA 3000K CRI=90 230V

Colours and finishes

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Jon Santacoloma


Jon Santacoloma

Jon Santacoloma (Bilbao, 1973) belongs to the generation of Basque designers who took their first professional steps during the internationally recognized architectural transformation of the city of Bilbao. In the year 2000, he founded his own studio, Ideilan Design, where he collaborates with top-tier companies.

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