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  • Topa 100
  • Topa 320-1
  • Topa 320-2

Monolithic outdoor lamp with an asymmetric stainless steel reflector to provide a light that blends in with the surroundings smoothly. It comes in two sizes (100 and 320). Topa 100 has a single source of light. Topa 320 comes with one (320-1) or two (320-2) sources of light, providing a complete lighting solution for different areas in the garden. Its characteristics guarantee a total lack of glare. Made from galvanized steel, Topa is available with two finishes: galvanized or painted with a corteneffect finish. On request, it can also be painted in other colors.

Light Source

LED 32,1W 4480m 700mA 3000K CRI=90 110-230V

Colours and finishes

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GC Studio


GC Studio

The architecture firm GC Studio was established in 1997 in Loiu, Bizkaia. The cornerstone of their business has always been a focus on design, with an emphasis on principles like accessibility and sustainability. This is how they envisioned the Topa collection for B.lux, which has been installed in multiple public spaces.

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